I Don't Bite

If you know what you want, great. If you don't, I'll help you figure it out. I provide a range of services, from straightforward photography to studio lighting, extensive retouching, and customized composite images that tell a story. Part of the fun of a photoshoot is planning out all the details. And that starts with bouncing around  ideas that will ultimately result in striking, original portraits.

We'll Have Fun

Whether it's you or your dog being photographed, I show up with an upbeat attitude that guarantees everyone will have fun and therefor look their best. Chemistry between photographer and subject is a critical ingredient for great portraits, and my goal is to capture personalities by making everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera. I also know how to animate your dog for happier-looking pictures.

Let's Talk

You tell me what you're looking for; I'll let you know the price. Currently I do not offer portrait "packages." I work with my clients until we're both satisfied with the results. Unless agreed to otherwise, I'll provide digital files for both print and web/social media use, and not nickel and dime you with back-end, per-print fees. That said, I do provide additional retouching and design services, as requested, and large, archival prints come with composite-image commissions.

Bill Buckley

Email: bill@billbuckleyphotography.com

Ph: 406-570-3955

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